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Shipment term
Shipment of products is carried out in time agreed with the customer, but no later than 10 working days after the supplier receives the payment to his / her current account.
Acquisition of title
The buyer acquires the ownership of the product and bears all the associated risks from the moment the product is shipped by the supplier..
Shipping is considered
The moment when the supplier transfers the products to the transport organization with the execution of the relevant transport documents. Products are considered as delivered from the moment of shipment.
Delivery of products
Products are shipped to the buyer's address by rail, road or mail. Customer pickup is also available.
Products must be shipped in the and packaging of the manufacturer, corresponding to the requirements of all-Union State Standard , specifications, drawings. Packaging should ensure the safety of products during transportation and storage. Shipping container is non-returnable. The cost of packaging is included in the price of products.
Shipping costs
Included in the cost of production or paid by the buyer independently upon receipt of products.
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